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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Something i wrote

Something i wrote early this morning, not sure but i think that it is very true to my emotions at the moment, its not sugar coated, its not exaggerated, its just honest...

"Heal a broken heart"
My path is so unclear
What does my future hold?
Should I give into fear?
Or should I stand strong and bold?

I’ve prayed a thousand times
Yet no response I hear
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Is god even here?

I wish I knew what to do
With this life I live
Just a tiny clue
Of what I have left to give!

I’m about to let go
Leave it all behind
Everything I know
Any peace of mind

I’m scared of what’s to come
What I’ll have to face
If im gonna run
Or give up on this race

I’m praying for a light
To shine right through the dark
To help me fight this fight
To heal my broken heart


At 16 February, 2007, Blogger charlotte said...

umm hi! just seeing how you were going. haven't heard from you in a while. hope you're well and all that. respecting your mates and them respecting you! God is great. bye mate! <><


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