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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Disturbing thoughts.

So...long time no post?
Well, what i have to say is kinda disturbing.
The other day (thursday) alana and I were at the salvo's stall in greensy, we were there from 3-6 (LONG-however congratulations on nomes for her effort! Read her blog)
but the thing that made me want to cry, within the first half an hour, we hadnty had many donations (not the point) the point was, that so many people look down on children, "children should be seen and not heard???" Well, those children, the ones that many look down on are the first who tug their parents arms to give to us...
This one boy, he looked maybe 10-12, he asked his mother, she said no, so instead he pulled out his own walllet and gave us his pocket money saying "It's soooo worth it" I mean, i wanted to hug the boy! But... what is our world coming to? Our children, who we look down upon are those who are donating? Those who are caring that little bit more? How does that work?

Next: The one that scares me the most, You know how when people are collecting and you dont wanna give, so you put your head down and avoid eye contact? Well, I was collecting for 6 hours, and in that time i saw hundreds ignore me, i stood at the top of the escalators wishing a merry christmas, and you know what i noticed? Those who ignored me, those who even glared, grunted or muttered abuse under their breathe? They walk on by, wearing a christian cross around their necks? They walk on by???

I know, one of my girls, she's amazing, she can have little money of her own, but when we are in the city, if she sees a man/woman who seems needy, homeless, hungry ect? Well, she will possibly walk by, however two minutes later... She says we have to go back! She cannot walk by!
Another mate, when walking around, I planeed to look at my feet and walk on by... but he doesnt, he stands there alking to this man, he doesnt offer him food, money (well he does, but thats not it) He offers this man God, the Salvo's, freedom! Its amazing!

Hmm... there was a point to thast but i forgot, plus im running out of time! Just quickly, i wanna say bye to Liam and Melissa, greensy will miss you, there have been times i was angry at you, but overall i know i will miss you! Oooh... to finish with:Riverside last night, christmas eve service, Andrew was preaching and he said to us:
"Jesus is not the reason for the season, YOU ARE"
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Keep your eyes on jesus and he will cary you through!


At 27 December, 2006, Blogger james said...

Happy Christmas Talz!

How was chrissy for you? Hope it was good!

God uses children to humble the wise. (something along those lines found in the bible somewhere!lol)

also, your story reminded me of the boy who gave up his loaves and fishes, Jesus then blessed thosands of people with his simple act of giving! Theres hope!

Good on ya for collecting! God Bless ya!


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